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Are you ready to have some Fun? Book a Session with me and we will have a great time.

I am a Photographer who is all about getting those natural smiles, lot's of laughter and loving interactions.


The abundance of information out there about wedding photography leads to many questions. Here are some answers to the most common questions I receive. Please take a moment to read through, it may give you a better idea if we are a good fit for each other!

Q: How do I book?

A: Please contact me, click contact on top of my web page or ( or call +972 50-4555-795)

Q: What type of sessions do I book?

Couples, Engagements, Weddings and Family Photos, Family Events and Corporate events.

I shoot all my sessions to your prefrence . You choose the location where you are most comfortable (home, park, beach, garden, etc.). I do offer suggestions during the initial consultation. I do put a time limit on sessions, about 1-2 hour’s. There is enough time allowed for outfit changes and snack breaks.


A: No worries! Do you know how many people have said that to us that you've seen on our website? Almost all of them. When we photograph you, we just want you to be yourselves. We'll be talking, laughing, walking around and getting into all sorts of fun, so you're going to feel comfortable and have a great time. We’ll find some spots with great light or a great backdrop and invite you to hang out there. And we photograph what unfolds. Because I believe photography can be organic. So, we may ask you to get close, cuddle, and put your arms around each other, hold hands, or whisper some sweet things into your loves’ ear. You’ll get to connect and love on each other and by the end; it'll feel like you just went on a great date.


A: I use professional grade Cameras and lenses and also carry a backup. I have a variety of lenses, wide angle, zoom, portrait, and telephoto--basically, everything I need & more to do an awesome job with your photographs.

I also have professional off-camera flash equipment for ceremonies & receptions that are in super dark spaces, though I often prefer to shoot off the ambient light.

Q: What do you love about photographing weddings

A: There is magic in the air on a wedding day. It’s the one-day in your whole life when all the people you love will come from all over and gather to celebrate you and your love. It’s an incredible thing to be part of. Sometimes we just can’t believe that this is our job! We love hearing personal vows and photographing happy tears at ceremonies. It’s awesome to see our couples’ stories and personalities shine out through how they choose to celebrate and even decorate--it’s different every time and it’s never boring. 

Q: How long have you been doing what you do? How did you become a photographer?

A: A camera has been in my life starting after the army, After years of being just a hobby I took the big step and made it a business I’ve been in business since 2014 and i enjoyed every minute of it.

Q: What is your approach to photographing a wedding? Can you describe your style?

A: If you are looking for a laid-back photographer who you can be comfortable with, one who pays attention to detail, loves pretty things, and will appreciate and find the beauty in you, your special day, and the special relationships you have with your family, friends, and fiancé, you’ve just described me! I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to you before, during, and after your wedding day to ensure you have the best and most enjoyable experience possible, and that you will love the results of your photography. I have endless energy and enthusiasm for everything I do, and this includes capturing special moments on your wedding day. I know when I should blend in and when I should take charge and direct. I strive to create photographs that illuminate the emotion, intimate details, fast-paced moments and joy of one of your most memorable days. I come prepared with top of the line professional equipment, including multiple camera bodies and numerous lenses. 

As for my style, well, if you are fond of the photos on this site, then you will be thrilled with the photos I can capture for you. I enjoy creating wedding collections that explore variety and love the story-telling aspect of photographing a wedding. There is a beginning, middle, and an end and many pieces to the day. My coverage includes candid photographs throughout the day, creative portraits, details of all those pieces we love to drool over (the flowers, the décor the dress, the shoes, the jewelry!), group photographs, and of course the key emotional moments.

Q: How many images will we get?

A: The number of wedding images you receive depends on the size of the wedding, how many guests there are and the complexity of the day’s events. On average I deliver approximately 1000-1800 images.

Q: How long after our wedding until we get our photos?

A: Photos are delivered approximately 2 months from your wedding date. After we photograph your awesome wedding, we carefully edit each and every shot that you pick with loads of love and attention to detail. We have high standards. Don’t worry though, we won’t hold your photographs hostage--we know what it feels like to wait for something like this. 

Q: Do you use an assistant or a second photographer?

A: I regularly photograph weddings with a second photographer and am also comfortable and confident navigating through the course of the day on my own while providing excellent coverage, however a second photographer may be added to any of my packages. A second photographer is able to capture scenes from different vantage points and can nicely supplement the photos I take. I work only with second photographers whose work I admire and who I would hire myself.

Q: Will our wedding photos be retouched?

A: I edit each photo you choose for exceptional color correction, balance, and clarity. With regards to retouching skin, I retouch minimally and only things that wouldn’t normally be there (such as a cut, scratch, or blemish). I believe your wedding photos should look like you and not a plastic version of yourself! Alternatively, I believe in bringing out the best version of you with my attention to the natural light and positioning. 

Q: How many hours do you work?

A: At a wedding day I work 12 hours for your choose.
usually i arriving at noon to the bride preparations and leave at 2 pm max.

Q: If i want you stay more?
A: I want run! i will stay until your wedding is over. its of course include a fee.

Q: How do I book my wedding date?

A: Please contact me ( or call +972 50-4555-795) to see if I am available for your wedding date.  A 1500ils non-refundable Retaing Fee as well as a signed agreement are required to secure your wedding date and time. Once these things are done you are officially booked!

Q: Do you shoot engagement portraits?

A: Yes! Engagement sessions are a great way for us to get to know each other, offer you a chance to see how I work and let you get comfortable in front of the camera. I highly recommend them!

Q: What to wear

A: The most important piece of information is to wear clothes that make seasonal sense. If the weather is cold make sure to wear layers to stay warm. I want you to be comfortable for our entire session. 

  • Your clothes should also reflect your personality and style.

  • For indoor sessions, it is best to choose solid colors. Wearing solid colors makes for the most timeless photos.

  • For outdoor sessions, choose colors that work well with the season. The most beautiful photos can be when you wear spring colors in the fall scenery. The contrasting colors will really make you stand out and give your photos that extra pop of color. 

  • If you have a certain style or vision that you would like to include in our shoot, please leave me a call

  • Tips: Sleeves help hide bigger arms, a belt can help accentuate your waistline, and tall shoes can do wonders for your legs!



Q: Do you travel?

A: Yes! I am based in ISRAEL, but love traveling and am happy to make my way to most any wedding destination you have arranged. If you were planning a destination abroad I would love to join! Contact me and we can talk about it.

Still have questions? Contact me.

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